Yogis For Elephants

Ninety-six elephants are killed in Africa every day for their ivory. You can help save them with yoga.

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We cannot be the generation that allows elephants to disappear. I pledge to support elephants today.

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We’re so glad to have you on board. There’s so much more you can do to save elephants and deepen your commitment to STOP the killing, STOP the trafficking, and STOP the demand. Get started now:

Why Yogis and Elephants?

We believe that the yoga community are strong conservationists and can be allies in the campaign to save elephants from extinction. And elephants need our help! The global demand for their ivory has led to a brutal slaughter, which claims 96 of them every day. If we all work together, we can save elephants for future generations.

Elephant yoga Challenge

Pose. Challenge. Donate. Raise awareness and support for elephants.

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Post for elephants! Use the hashtags #YogisForEllies or #ElephantyogaChallenge in your social media post, and then look for your photo in our community below! Be sure to tag us @96elephants.

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